With the key objective of SBM(G) Phase I attained, the Government of India renewed its commitment further to enhance the sanitation and hygiene status in rural areas by launching of SBM(G) Phase-II of the programme. SBM (G) Phase-II is to sustain the ODF Status of villages and to improve the levels of cleanliness in rural areas through SLWM activities, making villages ODF plus.

The Objective of SBM (G) Phase-II includes ODF-Sustainability, Solid Waste management, Liquid Waste management and Visual Cleanliness which is to be achieved through continued behavior change communication through IEC and capacity strengthening at all levels.

During 2020-21 schemes, activities such as construction of LOB- Individual Household Latrines (IHHLs), Community Sanitary Complexes (CSCs) and Solid Liquid Waste Management (SLWMs) and IEC activities were taken up.


(8th August to 15th August 2020)

Weeklong campaign on “Gandagi Mukt Bharat”, launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which focused on Swachhata (cleanliness) in the run-up to Independence Day. The PHED Department observed the weeklong behavioural change campaign along with the rest of the country.  Various activities including cleanliness and sanitation drives, tree plantation/flowers plantation, collection of single use plastic and segregation participated by swachhagrahis, SHG(Self Help Group) and public alike formed a part of the campaign in the District.



Baseline survey of Swachh Bharat Mission-Grameen was carried out from October to November 2020, covering 1432 villages. During this survey, the household level information were gathered, components of solid waste and liquid waste management by community and households were recorded and Geo Tagged using mobile Apps issued by the Ministry of Jal Shakti, GOI. Standard messages was conveyed through wall paintings to encourage sustained use of toilets, use of toilets to keep diseases away, provide awareness about child faeces and solid & liquid waste management. In addition, a board declaring the village as ODF (Open Defecation Free) was erected at the village entrance to generate awareness on ODF Plus and ODF sustainability.