Oct 5, 2021

The Department generates revenue by way of water fees from registered water consumers, mostly from urban areas of the State. Water fees from rural water consumers are collected by the WATSAN Committees which augment the internal resources of the Committees for O&M of the village water and sanitation facilities, and therefore, do not contribute to the Department revenue. The Department is striving to improve the service delivery and increase the quantum of water availability in urban water supply schemes through better O&M.


Revenue realized      (Rs in lakh)
2014-15 192.80
2015-16 240.16
2016-17 261.44
2017-18 283.56
2018-19 265.97
2019-20     236.34
2020-21 upto Nov 2020     152.40


  • Verification of water revenue collection system in major urban towns by Department appointed Revenue Review Teams. Findings and suggestions of the teams help improve revenue collection system and service delivery to water consumers.
  • Identification of unauthorized pipe connections, tampering of water pipes and pilferage of water by unauthorized connections, when detected, are registered and are served with water bills. Efforts are on to plug tampering of pipes and water pilferage with the support of local ward authorities.
  • Commercial establishments such as hotels, restaurants, private schools, private clinics etc. which are registered as Domestic Consumers are brought under Commercial Consumer category.
  • Employees in-charge of water distribution system and revenue sections are sensitized on the importance of delivering better services to the consumers.
  • Introduction of water metering system for rationalization of water usage and billing.


The Department follows the Nagaland Water Supply Consumer Rules 1998, the rates of which have been revised w.e.f.  9th April / 2010 as under:

Sl. No Item Unit Rate w.e.f. 01.04.2010              ( in Rupees)
1 Cost of application & MoU formats 1 No. 20.00
2 Application fee for  new normal connection 1 No. 100.00
3 Application fee for temporary connection 1 No. 150.00
4 Reconnection application fee for defaulters 1 No. 50.00
5 Reconnection charges for defaulters 1 No. 250.00
6 Security deposit (refundable) 1 No. 1000.00
7(a) Water charges for metering system

Domestic use

Commercial use

Industrial use

Meter fee PM


1000 litres

1000 litres

1000 litres

1 No.






7(b) Non metering system

Domestic consumer

Commercial consumer

Industrial consumer


1 Point

1 Point

1 Point





8 Penalty for  late payment of bills 2nd Month

3rd Month

10% of arrear

25% of arrear

9 Reservoir 2000 litres provided 1 No. 200.00
10 Meter Testing fee 1 time 50.00


Application for new connections from interested consumers can be submitted in the form prescribed by the Department. The Department shall supply the application form along with the Agreement form on a written request duly accompanied by a sum of Rs 20/- (Rupees Twenty) only addressed to the Executive Engineer concerned.